"It's Like Hitting Them On The Moon!": The Home Run Derby's Latest Entrant Expects Some Massive Bombs at Coors

Coors Field routinely turns fly balls into home runs. And it can turn ordinary home runs into prodigious bombs. And there are not many players in baseball who hit home runs as prodigious as Joey Gallo of the Texas Rangers. He has now confirmed his entrance in the Home Run Derby at Coors Field next Monday night. Joey Gallo + Colorado's thin air? This will be a blast—literally. 

Gallo told the Dallas Morning News, "I think it’s one of those parks where it’s going to be really cool and a great show for fans because balls are going to be going so far like we’re hitting them on the moon and such. It should be a good show."

It was only yesterday that Gallo said he'd like to participate, but hadn't been invited yet. Someone at MLB head offices must have gotten wind of that, and immediately sent out a gift-wrapped invitation for the Derby's final spot. 

Gallo has been on an absolute TEAR these past two weeks; two more monster shots today give him a whopping 11 HR in that stretch, and he now sits at 23 for the season. 

With teams around the league looking at offensive upgrades sniffing around the Rangers of late, Gallo's price continues to go up. 

Photo Credit: Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports