2 Possible Destinations For Trade Target Joey Gallo


The Texas Rangers are currently at the bottom of the AL West, and they are likely to be sellers at the trade deadline. They are in the middle of a rebuild, so they should be looking to bring in an array of top-of-the-line prospects. One player who has been in the rumor mill is their star outfielder, Joey Gallo

Gallo is such a fascinating player. Throughout his career, he has had trouble hitting for contact, yet has also hit a plethora of home runs. He has hit at least 40 home runs in two seasons so far and may do that again this year. In 75 games this season, he currently has 18 home runs and has been on a real tear at the plate lately. His batting average is also noticeably higher, too. Teams who are in need of some help in the middle of their lineup should be calling the Rangers about Gallo.

These two teams could be amazing fits for the slugger. 

San Diego Padres 

The San Diego Padres have a great roster, but would benefit from adding another star like Gallo. Although they are currently sporting an impressive 48-33 record, they are third in their division. The NL West is immensely close and they need to make a trade to get ahead of the Giants and Dodgers. 

Another interesting thing about Gallo is that he can also play first and third base, too. Therefore, the Padres would have multiple ways to fit him in their lineup. Having Gallo, Manny Machado and Fernando Tatis Jr. making up the heart of their order would be absolutely lethal. The Padres also have the assets to easily make a deal with Rangers.  

New York Yankees 

The New York Yankees have also been linked to Gallo. Their playoff hopes are slowly fading, as they are fourth in the AL East with a 41-38 record. They are also 7.5 games behind the Red Sox, so they need to make a big splash now.

The Yankees also need help in both the outfield and at first base, so Gallo would be an excellent upgrade. Yankee Stadium is also a paradise for home run hitters, which could lead to Gallo putting up some fantastic home run totals. He also has another year of arbitration, so the Yankees would have him for next season, too. All of these reasons should make Gallo quite alluring to the Yankees. 

Photo Credit: © Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports