Scott Boras Is Fired By High Profile Client After Botching His Free Agency

Scott Boras clearly misread the free agent market this past offseason, and four high-profile clients paid dearly for it. One of them, Jordan Montgomery, has now fired Boras and replaced him with another agency.

While many predictions had Montgomery potentially being able to sign a 5- or 6-year deal worth between $100-$150 million, Boras is said to have balked at that number and pushed for far more, which teams were unwilling to capitulate to. 

In the end, Montgomery, coming off his best season and a World Series championship, and clearly one of the better starting pitchers on the free agent market, had to eventually settle for (yes, I know, "settle" isn't quite the word when you're talking about this kind of money) a one-year, $25 million deal with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Both of the left-hander's former teams, the New York Yankees and the St. Louis Cardinals, were said to be interested in signing the free agent pitcher this past winter, but clearly the price tag that Boras put on him scared those teams off.

Here are the approximate expert predictions for the other three of the so-called Boras Four for this past winter, and what they eventually signed for:

  • Blake Snell — Predictions: 5-6 years, $150M; Actual: 2 years, $62M
  • Cody Bellinger — Predictions: 6-12 years, $160-$260M; Actual: 3 yrs, $80M
  • Matt Chapman — Predictions: 4-6 years, $100-150M; Actual: 3 yrs, $54M

At the very minimum, Boras's top four clients are out about $300 million that had been expected; at the maximum, that lost money jumps to a potential $500 million. 
Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that at least one of them (so far) has decided to fire Boras. And no one lost more than Montgomery.

The southpaw has yet to start for the D-Backs due to his late signing (March 26), and is working his way up with a couple of starts in the minors. He's expected to make his Arizona debut in about a week. 

Photo: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports