MLB Trade Rumors: Insider Suggests BOLD Move The Angels Should Make

Insider Jim Bowden, former MLB general manager-turned-analyst, has stirred controversy by advocating for the Los Angeles Angels to release star third baseman Anthony Rendon.

In a proposition outlined in The Athletic, Bowden argues that Rendon's tenure with the Angels has fallen far short of expectations following his stellar performances with the Washington Nationals.

Despite the Angels' significant investment in Rendon, signing him to a seven-year, $245 million contract, his on-field contributions have failed to justify his hefty price tag.

The 34-year-old is in the fifth year of his seven-year deal, which will see him earn an astounding $38M this season.

Bowden's recommendation to sever ties with Rendon stems from a belief that his decline is irreversible and continuing to invest in him would only compound the initial misstep.

There's no denying the massive investment has been a complete disaster for the Angels. Let's look at the numbers:

In his first seven MLB seasons, with the Washington Nationals, Rendon posted an impressive .290/.369/.490 triple-slash line, along with 136 home runs, 546 RBIs, 45 stolen bases, and 571 runs scored across 916 games playedan average of 130 games per season.

Entering his fifth season in Los Angeles, Rendon has posted an ugly .249/.359/.399 triple-slash line, with just 22 home runs, 111 RBIs, four stolen bases, and 91 runs scored across just 200 games playedan average of just 50 games per season!

Rendon's struggles at the plate, coupled with frequent injuries, have raised doubts about his long-term viability with the team. Despite efforts to reignite his performance, including positional changes and lineup adjustments, Rendon's output remains below par, leaving fans and management disillusioned.

As the Angels grapple with Rendon's underperformance, Bowden's proposal prompts a critical reassessment of the team's strategic direction. The decision to release Rendon would not be an easy one, given his contract through 2026 and the potential financial implications.

However, with mounting frustration among fans and doubts about Rendon's commitment to the game, the Angels may face increasing pressure to heed Bowden's advice and make a decisive move to address the costly investment that has failed to yield the expected returns. Photo Credit: Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports