Red Sox "Remain Engaged" With 3-Time Cy Young Candidate

The Boston Red Sox's interest in Lucas Giolito, a free agent starting pitcher, has been a topic of considerable attention in the baseball world.

This interest aligns with the Red Sox's prioritization of bolstering their starting pitching, as emphasized by their Chief Baseball Officer Craig Breslow.

The team's pursuit of pitching talent was evident at the Winter Meetings, where they explored options but left without finalizing a deal.

Besides Giolito, they have shown interest in other top free agents like Blake Snell, Jordan Montgomery, and Japanese lefty Shōta Imanaga​.

Lucas Giolito's recent performance presents both challenges and opportunities for the Red Sox.

While he has experienced some rough patches, the underlying metrics indicate that his skills remain intact, even though he has struggled with consistent execution.

This situation presents a potential project for the Red Sox's new pitching coach, Andrew Bailey, suggesting that the team sees value in Giolito's abilities despite recent struggles​​.

The interest in Giolito is not limited to the Red Sox, as he has garnered attention from several other teams, including the Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Mets, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Kansas City Royals.

This widespread interest highlights Giolito's perceived value across the MLB, despite the recent challenges in his performance​. Photo Credit:   Peter Aiken-USA TODAY Sports