Orioles Reinstate Announcer After “Humiliating Themselves” With "Disgraceful" Suspension

When the story broke that the Baltimore Orioles suspended their TV broadcaster Kevin Brown for.. well, nothing really, the entire baseball world not only rallied around Brown, but unanimously absolutely DESTROYED the Orioles and John Angelos, calling him “small”, "thin-skinned", “disgraceful”, "horrendous" and "a laughing stock."

Now that they've thoroughly embarrassed the franchise, they've succumbed to public and media pressure, and reinstated Brown as of Friday. 

To set the stage, Brown was suspended for saying something about how the Orioles have struggled in Tampa Bay in recent years, while adding that they’ve done a lot better this season. And while there's nothing too sinister about that in the first place, the fact is that he was actually reading from a graphic that was prepared by the broadcast team. Somehow, in some bizarre brain-fart, Baltimore management took offense to that and suspended Brown. Here's the explanation:  

And this is how the baseball world reacted last night:

"It's a horrendous decision by the Orioles, I don't know what they were thinking," said Gary Cohen on the Mets broadcast. "It's just a shame because the Orioles were playing so well and now they've diverted attention from that and made themselves a laughing stock."

Michael Kay on ESPN New York had similar sentiments. 

"It's unconscionable that you would actually suspend a really good broadcaster for no reasons whatsoever! He didn't do anything wrong! The graphic had already been printed out... That very thing was in their notes! This makes the Orioles look so small and insignificant... You embarrassed the guy for no reason! ... What you did was disgraceful!... And (what he said) wasn't even critical (of the team)! I believe that was complimentary to the Orioles!"

Angelos and the Orioles management have obviously heard the outrage and the outcry, and have slinked back into their corner offices, while reinstating Brown.