White Sox Future In Doubt For Free Agent Infielder

After spending his entire nine-year career in the major leagues with the Chicago White Sox, his future on the South Side is, for the first time, in doubt. First baseman Jose Abreu becomes a free agent after the season, but hasn't had any conversations with the Chicago front office as of yet.

The 35-year-old stated without doubt that he wants to play in 2023 — “Of course, I love baseball!” But whether it will continue to be with the White Sox is unknown at this point. Though the Windy City undoubtedly holds a special place for him, as the fans there are the only ones he's known since coming to the bigs.

“I want to thank them for all the support, for always having my back. These were a special nine years and I hope there can be more.” 

His teammates would be stunned if he left:

"That would hurt, man," said Lucas Gioliti. "He's so much of what makes this team, this team." 

It's unclear how much of a market there would be for a 35-year-old first baseman, as Abreu's power was down considerably this season, to just 15 home runs after averaging about 30 HR in the last four full seasons. 

But he still hit .304 with an .824 OPS, and he remained remarkably durable, playing over 150 games for the 6th time in his 9 seasons. 

Photo: Lindsey Wasson-USA TODAY Sports