MLB Rumors: Braves Couldn't Trade Ozuna For Pitcher With 6.57 ERA

How low has Atlanta Braves' outfielder Marcell Ozuna's trade value fallen? According to a new report, about as low as it gets:

Braves beat writer Mark Bowman reports that the Braves tried to trade the problematic outfielder for struggling pitcher Patrick Corbin at the trade deadline. The Washington Nationals, however, turned it down. Corbin had a 6.57 ERA at the time and is still owed $59M over the next two years before his albatross $140M contract expires. 

But if it's Ozuna coming back? 'Nah, we're good,' was essentially the Nats' reply. 

Ozuna has become toxic since being arrested in May of 2021 on charges of aggravated assault by strangulation and battery after police officers said they witnessed him attacking his wife. He was placed on administrative leave for the balance of the season, then suspended for 20 games to start the 2022 season. 

Just two weeks after the trade deadline passed this August, the 31-year-old Ozuna was arrested yet again, this time for a DUI. The arrest video went viral when he infamously tried to get out of it by telling the arresting officer, "I'm Ozuna from the Braves."

'Ozuna from the Braves' hit an anemic .226 this season with an equally weak .687, despite 23 home runs. And yet he somehow still got some run in the postseason.

The Braves still owe him $32M over the next two years before his contract is up. And if the Nationals wouldn't give up Corbin for him, you have to assume Atlanta is stuck with him.