MLB Rumors: Ex-MLB GM Thinks Yankees Will Swoop In To Sign Carlos Correa


The New York Yankees have struck out thus far in the offseason, and the pressure is on for them to step it up when business resumes after the lockout. Former 16-year MLB GM Jim Bowden says the answer to their shortstop troubles is obvious: Go get Carlos Correa. 

Bowden suggested on MLB Network Radio on Sunday that they're purposely leaking out word that they're not interested in spending $300M+ on Correa, and then "at the last minute when Correa is going to make his decision, the Yankees are gonna come in, 'here's 10 years, $300M' to get the player. That's kinda what I feel is gonna happen."

The former GM says right now, "the word on the street from baseball people", is that the Houston Astros, Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs are the leaders in the Correa Sweepstakes.

The controversial shortstop—one of the faces of the Astros' cheating scandal—seems to enjoy playing the role of villain, as demonstrated in his trashing of Yankee legend Derek Jeter last month. But will that deter the Yankees from signing him? 

Here's what GM Brian Cashman said about Correa in November: 

The bottom line is, is he a great player? The answer to that is yes. He’s a free agent. So my job is to assess him as well as the others that are available and then act accordingly. Players’ medicals, their performance, their personalities, their history, all of those things play a part on every individual player.

Their "personalities.. their history..." Hmm. 

Nevertheless, Bowden insists that "Carlos Correa just feels like a Yankee to me...He fits with the Yankees. 

"Hal Steinbrenner needs to take a page from his father's (playbook)—the late great George Michael Steinbrenner—and just overpay, and get the industry mad at him."

Photo Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports