Carlos Correa Throws Shade at Derek Jeter: "Didn't Deserve Gold Gloves"


It's safe to say that the Miami Marlins won't be going after free agent shortstop Carlos Correa this offseason (yes, it would have been safe to assume that the light-spending Marlins aren't giving out any $300M contracts anyway, but...). 

Correa, who won a World Series with the 2017 Houston Astros at the height of their illegal sign-stealing scheme, seems to enjoy perpetuating his bad boy image, as he's  come out and trashed former Yankee shortstop (and current Marlins co-owner) Derek Jeter, by saying Derek Jeter didn’t deserve any of the Gold Gloves he won.”

This, of course, has prompted the expected response on Twitter from Yankee fans everywhere.

Yes, this is a big quandary for Yankee fans. Correa was public enemy No. 1 (or 1A along with Jose Altuve) in the Bronx (and most everywhere else in baseball) after they become the indignant and unrepentant faces of the Astros cheating scandal. 

But now, there are many who believe that the Yankees could be a top suitor for Correa. What to do? 

This observer pointed out that Yankee general manager Brian Cashman was never that fond of dealing with Jeter in his playing days in New York, so these comments by Correa might actually endear him to the Yanks' GM. 

However, there are no less than five superstar shortstops on the free agent market, and while the Yankees are believed adamant to land one of them, take heart Yankee fans, there's still 4-1 odds against it. 

Photo Credit: Frank Becerra Jr/The Journal News via Imagn Content Services, LLC