Blue Jays Pitcher Admits Team “Won’t Be Together Much Longer…”

The Toronto Blue Jays suffered another embarrassing defeat Tuesday night, mustering only two hits against the lowly Chicago White Sox and dropping to 21-26.

 The team is entering a critical stretch of games, with the next 11 games, including Wednesday night, against some of the lowliest teams in baseball (aside from themselves, that is). Some would say this is their final chance to prove themselves capable of pulling it together. 

Others, including ace starting pitcher Kevin Gausman, have gone one step further, saying if they don't go on a run, the team "won't be together much longer."

Per Rob Longley in the Toronto Sun, Gausman lamented, “The reality is if we don’t play well, this team will not be together for much longer. ”

“It might make another year. It might make another year and a half. It might make a couple of months. That’s just the reality."

Right now, a couple of months is the much more likely scenario, as that's when the trade deadline arrives. There have already been rumors circulating that the Jays may be forced to trade one or both of the team's franchise players, such as they are. 

“If we want to (have success and be competitive) with these guys, we’ve got to do it now. We’ve got to go," said Gausman. Right after those words to urge on the troops, they went out and were shutout by the last-place White Sox 5-0. 

If Toronto doesn't go at least 7-4 or 8-3 over the next 11 games against bottom-feeders, it'll be time to fasten the seat belts at the Rogers Centre, as it'll be a rough ride through the summer. 

Photo: © Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports