Kansas City Royals Have 2 Big-Name Starting Pitchers "On Their Radar"

The Kansas City Royals are reportedly taking significant steps to bolster their starting pitching roster by expressing interest in two prominent free agents, Marcus Stroman and Lucas Giolito.

This move comes after a challenging 2023 season, where the Royals managed only 56 wins, marking it as their worst performance in the last eight years.

Their pursuit of improved pitching is seen as an attempt to revitalize the team following several disappointing seasons since their 2015 World Series win.

Marcus Stroman, who played for the Chicago Cubs in 2023, recorded a 3.95 ERA over 25 starts, demonstrating consistent performance.

In contrast, Lucas Giolito, another target for the Royals, faced a challenging 2023 season.

Despite this, Giolito's potential for a comeback is recognized, given his age of 29 years and past peak performance between the 2019 to 2021 seasons, recording a 3.47 ERA across 72 starts.

The Royals' starting rotation, which last season included Jordan Lyles and Zack Greinke, showed less-than-ideal results, highlighting the need for stronger pitchers like Stroman or Giolito.

The Royals' interest in these players is part of a broader strategy to enhance their team composition, which could significantly shape their performance in the upcoming seasons.

This move indicates the Royals' commitment to rebuilding and strengthening their team, aiming for a much better outcome than their recent seasons Photo Credit: Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports