3 Teams Interested In Trading For Guardians Josh Naylor

The Chicago Cubs, Seattle Mariners, and Pittsburgh Pirates have all expressed interest in acquiring Josh Naylor, the first baseman of the Cleveland Guardians.

This interest became evident during the Winter Meetings, as reported by MLB Trade Rumors and other sources.

Naylor, known for his productive batting and solid defense, has become an attractive trade target for these teams.

Naylor's recent performance has been impressive, especially in the past season.

He posted a batting average of .308, an on-base percentage of .354, and a slugging percentage of .489, with 17 home runs and 97 RBIs, despite missing a month due to injury, as detailed by Cubs Insider.

His low chase rate and high percentile in strikeout rate make him a valuable asset for teams looking for a balanced player.

The Pirates, in particular, have shown a keen interest in Naylor, considering their need for help at first base.

To acquire Naylor, they might need to offer significant assets. A potential deal could be headlined by a borderline top-100 prospect like Thomas Harrington, as suggested by Rumbunter.

However, the Pirates might need to include additional pieces to make the trade appealing for the Guardians.

Naylor's contract situation adds another layer of complexity. He has two years of control remaining, which impacts his trade value.

Although this doesn't drastically lower his value, it does limit what the Guardians can expect in return.

With a projected salary of less than $10 million via arbitration next season, Naylor represents a cost-effective option for teams looking to bolster their lineup without a hefty financial commitment.

In summary, Josh Naylor's combination of offensive production and defensive skills has made him a target for several teams, with the Cubs, Mariners, and Pirates being the most interested. Photo Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports