San Francisco Giants Sign 6-Year Veteran Second Baseman

In a series of moves this year, infielder Johan Camargo finds himself on a minor league contract with the San Francisco Giants, landing in Triple-A Sacramento.

After brief stints with the Kansas City Royals and Detroit Tigers earlier in the season, Camargo brings his versatile skills to the Giants' organizational depth chart.

While his defensive prowess, particularly at third base, has garnered attention, his batting performance has been somewhat lackluster.

Camargo's journey in 2023 reflects his utility player background, switching between multiple organizations in pursuit of a major league opportunity.

Despite a recent 2-for-5 performance in Triple-A Sacramento, his offensive numbers throughout the season—showcasing a .268 batting average, .348 on-base percentage, and .479 slugging percentage—hint at a promising improvement.

Over his six-year career, the 29-year-old holds a .255/.313/.410 triple-slash line, with 37 home runs, 159 RBIs, and 149 runs scored across 416 games played.

However, his path to a roster spot might be challenging due to the Giants' infield depth, which includes returning players from injuries and emerging prospects.

Even if he secures a spot, his service time situation could provide the Giants with extended contract control.

The coming weeks will reveal whether Camargo can make his mark in San Francisco and break through to the big leagues this season. Photo Credit: Raymond Carlin III-USA TODAY Sports