Minnesota Twins Place Power Bat On Injured List


The Minnesota Twins have been off to a steady start in 2023, holding a slim 4 game lead in the AL Central with a record of 31-27, but like many other teams around the majors, they've been dealing with plenty of injury issues, issues which have seemingly struck once again.

After a solid start to the 2023 campaign, Minnesota are now sending veteran slugger Joey Gallo to the Injured List with a lingering hamstring issues, something that has seemingly bothered him for some time now, with Matt Wallner likely to replace him on the active roster. 

After struggling for the most part in 2022, Gallo has bounced back this season, and while his batting average still sits at .188, well below the average across the major leagues, he has hit 11 home runs while driving in 23 RBI's, and for a team that's dealt with plenty of injuries, this is the last thing their lineup needed. 

Photo Credit: Matt Blewett-USA TODAY Sports