Pittsburgh Pirates Rumors: 2 Trade Candidates Heading to Opening Day

The Pittsburgh Pirates are a team to watch as inch closer to Opening Day, as it seems likely that they will make a few more changes to their roster before it. As a result, let's look at two trade candidates from their current roster who could be moved.

Bryan Reynolds: Bryan Reynolds has been one of the most-talked-about names in the rumor mill for a long time, and it certainly seems possible that the Pirates could finally move him. His trade value is at its highest, so if another club wants to land him, they will need to send Pittsburgh a gigantic offer. If they can land some top prospects and young MLB talent for him, they would pull the trigger on a move.

David Bednar: Reliver David Bednar came up in trade talks last season, so there is a distinct possibility that he is moved at some point this season. After all, the Pirates are rebuilding, and Bednar's trade value is at its highest after his first All-Star season. Look for several teams to make a push for him before Opening Day in hopes of boosting up their bullpen.

photo credit: © Mike Watters-USA TODAY Sports