Kenley Jansen Worried About New Pitch Clock Rules

The new pitch clock rules are here. As of the first pitch of spring training games. There are a number of pitchers around the game who will need the entire spring to work on their delivery to ensure they're prepared for the new rules. And anyone who heads off to the World Baseball Classic in March won't get those reps: the pitch clock won't be in effect there. 

One of the pitchers who will be most affected by the new rule will be 13-year veteran reliever Kenley Jansen. The Boston Red Sox closer almost never gets a pitch off before 15 seconds, and he knows he needs the practice to speed up his delivery.

"I'm the slowest guy in the league," Jansen said, in explaining that he will skip the early rounds of the World Baseball Classic for the Netherlands team, working in regular spring training games to get adjusted to the clock.

Jansen was the 4th-slowest pitcher in delivering to the plate in 2022 (top 10 slowest pitchers listed here), at an average of 19.2 seconds with the bases empty (15 seconds is now the max allowable), and 24.6 seconds with runners on (20 seconds is the max in that situation). 

Any pitcher that doesn't get a pitch off before the expiration of the shot clock will be automatically charged with a ball. And any batter that isn't in the box and ready after just eight (8) seconds will be automatically charged with a strike. 

Should make for some fun times as this all gets going. 

 Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports