Video: Correa Speaks—“Surprised” Giants & Mets Dropped Him

"It was definitely an emotional roller coaster," says Carlos Correa. That's the understatement of the offseason. 

His bizarre, unheard-of free agency saga finally at an end, Correa is now officially re-signed with the Minnesota Twins. He faced the media today. So what was his reaction to his failed deals with the San Francisco Giants and New York Mets?

He says he was "shocked" with the failed physicals, and put it on the doctors' differences of opinion.

"I had a lot of doctors tell me I was fine," Correa said while divulging that he underwent three physicals last year without any issue. "I had some doctors that said it wasn't so fine. It was shocking to me because since I had this surgery, I've never missed a game. I never got treatment on my ankle. My ankle has never hurt."

Of course, his ankle did hurt momentarily this season, in a game in September when he was spiked at second base, and he grabbed it in pain, but then shook it off and continued playing. That was when he told reporters afterwards that he still has a plate in his leg. 

Correa will now take his .279 lifetime average, and .836 OPS, into a guaranteed six-year deal worth $200M with the Twins, with a chance, if he makes 500+ plate appearances for four more seasons, of stretching the deal to 10 years and $270M.