Toronto Blue Jays Announce New Outfield Dimensions At Rogers Centre; Other Changes

The Toronto Blue Jays officially announced the new outfield dimensions at the Rogers Centre on Friday.

Following the renovations, the wall in right-center field will be moved from 375 feet to 359 feet.

The shorter distance will be somewhat balanced, however, by an increase in wall height. For example, the right-center wall is going from 10 feet to 14 feet, four inches. 

In addition, the Blue Jays announced that the power alley in dropping from 383 feet to 372 feet in right center, but just 383 feet down to 381 feet in left center.

The corners and straightaway center will remain the same distances, but the wall heights are increasing in the corners and dropping from 10 feet to eight feet in center. 

In conclusion, the changes will likely produce more home runs for left-handed hitters while taking away some home runs and adding extra-base hits for right-handed hitters. 

Vladimir Guerrero Jr., who loves his laser beam home runs over the left field wall, could lose a couple of dingers this coming season with the changes. 

There are plenty of other changes coming, which will improve the seating and ballpark atmosphere for fans.
Photo Credit:  Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports