MLB Rumors: Giants Massive Offer To Aaron Judge Revealed

The numbers are already crazy on the free agent market, and they're going to get crazier as the offers in the Aaron Judge sweepstakes start to be revealed. MLB Insider Jon Heyman has word on the San Francisco Giants offer to Judge.

Heyman says the offer is "believed to be" in the neighborhood of $360M. He adds, however, that the assumption/belief among rivals is that the New York Yankees remain the favorites.

The Yankees' original offer before the start of this season, $213M, seems laughable at this point. They were reported recently to have gone over the $300M mark in an offer. No telling how Brian Cashman and Co. will respond to the rumor of this massive Giants' number.

Judge's boyhood team was the Giants, as he grew up just a two-hour drive from The Bay Area in Linden, CA. His parents and in-laws still live there. The Giants are naturally playing hard on that angle.

The Yankees have offered perks such as naming him Captain—one of the most revered tags in baseball—as well as the chance to retire in Pinstripes and eventually have a statue in Monument Park alongside Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and the rest of the lifetime Yankee legends.

Judge has a decision to make, and it could come this week.

Photo: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports