MLB Agents: Shohei Ohtani To Shoot For This Record-Breaking Free Agent Amount

With free agent contracts spiralling to dizzying new heights this offseason, what can we expect from quite likely the ultimate free agent of all-time next year, Shohei Ohtani? 

According to one report, he'll "shoot for $500M." MLB Insider Jon Heyman of the New York Post surveyed nine baseball agents (not including Ohtani's), and got responses like the following:
  • “I think he goes to $500M or so, probably 12 years.”
  • “$500M for 13/14 (years)— $250M per position (pitcher and DH)"
  • “475 (million) to 525 (million) over 13 seasons.”
  • “11 times 50 = $550M. Sounds crazy but he has the ability to consistently be a 9/10 WAR player.”
  • “It sure seems like something that starts with a 5 in front of it.”
A handful of other agents posited something in the $450M range, but either way, it'll smash the all-time record for free agency, and likely for any type of contract. Ohtani's current teammate Mike Trout has the largest deal to this point, a 12-year, $426.5M extension.

Who will give Ohtani that kind of money? It's easy to figure out the leading contenders. Ex-New York Mets GM Steve Phillips of MLB Network has "no doubt" where Ohtani's heading, though others feel that the Los Angeles Dodgers are setting up their payroll situation this offseason for a big run at him next year, which would keep him home in LA. 

It's quite likely that the "Sho Time" Sweepstakes of 2023 will make the Aaron Judge drama of this winter seem pale in comparison.

Photo: Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports