Evan Longoria Has 3 Preferred Destinations

Evan Longoria is entering his final MLB season, but he has yet to find a new home for it. However, if the 37-year-old infielder has it his way, he will be a member of one of these three teams - the San Francisco Giants, Tampa Bay Rays, or Arizona Diamondbacks.

Longoria has openly stated that he wishes to play for one of these three clubs. When it comes to the Giants and Rays, it is entirely understandable that they are on his wish list. Of course, Longoria played for both of these teams during his 1,912-game career. Staying with the Giants would offer stability while going back to the Rays would be a fantastic reunion.

Yet, when it comes to the Diamondbacks, he is open to playing there because he has a home in Arizona. It would certainly be intriguing to see the three-time All-Star with the Diamondbacks, but alas, we will have to wait and see where he ends up from here.

Photo Credit: © D. Ross Cameron-USA TODAY Sports