MLB Rumors: Big-Spending Suitor To Go After Jacob deGrom

The season hasn't even ended yet, but for teams that have no playoffs to plan for, offseason free agency is already top of mind. 

The Texas Rangers were the big spenders last winter, and from the sound of the latest rumor, they're aiming to throw big-time money around once again. 

According to MLB Insider Jon Heyman, the Rangers are targeting the greatest pitcher of our generation, Jacob deGrom. He can opt-out of his contract to become a free agent, and after his incredible comeback performance over the past six weeks, it appears he's set to do so. 

It would likely take at a minimum $40M per season to sign deGrom; his current rotation-mate with the New York Mets, Max Scherzer, is earning $43M per year on his 3-year deal signed last winter.

But those numbers don't scare off the Rangers. They spent half a billion dollars last offseason to sign infielders Corey Seager ($325M) and Marcus Semien ($175M).

And according to Heyman, they're ready to go after pitching this time around."The Rangers are intent on adding a big-time starter, and word is they may go for Jacob deGrom.

"Rangers baseball president Chris Young wouldn’t address any specific pitching targets," continues Heyman, "but said they 'will leave no stone unturned' in their search to upgrade pitching a year after they significantly upgraded offense."

Would deGrom leave New York? Heyman says there's been speculation that the Florida-born might want to head south, but "most speculation centers on the Braves."

Should be another high-spending, wild offseason in baseball free agency. And Jacob deGrom will be right at the forefront. 

deGrom has a 2.32 ERA, a 0.60 WHIP, and an absolutely ridiculous 86:4 K/BB ratio (yes, you read that correctly—86:4!) 

Photos:Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports,  Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports