Pitcher Blasts Brewers For Releasing Him Just Before Tommy John Surgery

It's been a rough week for the Milwaukee Brewers, getting walked-off twice just after trading away baseball's best closer Josh Hader. But that's nothing compared to the week that former Brewers pitcher Luke Barker just had. He's accused the team of unethical practices for releasing him on the day he had Tommy John surgery.

Barker posted the timeline of events on social media, and said "I'll let others decide whether a team releasing a player on surgery day is ethical. I’ll let others decide if the MLBPA allowing for injured players to be DFA’d makes them an effective union.”

He also said he was informed by the team that his rehab would be outsourced to the facility of his choosing.


The Brewers certainly don't look good here. 

The 30-year-old Barker finally realized his lifelong dream at the age of 30 earlier this season, pitching in three games for Milwaukee (though admittedly, not very effectively). He was sent back down to Triple-A, and while there, sprained his UCL. The decision was made for him to have the surgery. 

But after the trade deadline, the Brewers' roster ballooned after receiving several arms to replace Hader, so room had to be created on the 40-man roster. Barker was a casualty. 

He summed up his situation on a more positive note, saying "“For now I’m just thankful for my family, for the friends I’ve made in the past 6 seasons, for Dr. Camp and the team at the Mayo Clinic, and for all those who have followed along,” Barker concluded. “I’ll be back next season. On to the next challenge.”