"It's A Disgrace; Embarrassing": Guardians Call Out MLB On 'Posey Rule'

Cleveland Guardians catcher Austin Hedges says the MLB "owes Zach Plesac an apology" after a "disgraceful" overturned call at home plate. 

At issue is the controversial 'Buster Posey Rule', which says that a catcher has to provide a lane for a runner to home plate if he isn't in possession of the ball. Video reviews have led to overturned calls and runners being called safe even though the ball has beaten them to the plate by a discernable margin. The rule has cost several teams a ballgame in the past couple of weeks, and the Guardians are the latest.

It's a play that's been called a few times now recently that really has never been called before. For some reason, New York feels like they need to take over the game and change the way the game's played.
Guys are just out. There's plays at home that are beating the runners, and for 150 years you're out. And now, we're calling some type of rule that is really tricky to define. To be able to take the game into their own hands that way and to, first of all, that cost one run automatically. And then what ended uptransitioning. Honestly, it's a disgrace. It's embarrassing.
I think New York owes Zach Plesac specifically an apology because they took the game out of his hands. The guy was throwing the ball amazing. Overturning that call right there, like I said, it cost the game.

Here's the play in question:

Hedges went on to call it a "debacle" and said whoever's overturning those calls at the head office in New York needs to be accountable, and explain why they're making those decisions. 

That loss by Cleveland was costly, as they're in a neck-and-neck battle for top spot in the AL Central with the Minnesota Twins. 

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