MLB Rumors: Insider Pegs 7 Top Teams In The Running For Soto


Every team in baseball would love to have superstar Juan Soto. And every team thinks they have the prospects to pull off a trade for the 23-year-old franchise player. But let's face it, there are a few teams that will rise to the top of the true contenders. 

A report by USA Today's Bob Nightengale names 7 teams that have emerged as the leading landing spots, with the National League West leading the way. 

The Los Angeles Dodgers, San Francisco Giants and San Diego Padres are all given a good chance of landing Soto.

The Dodgers are on the list thanks to their deep, rich stash of top prospects; the Giants, because they're desperately in need of a new "franchise" player, after Buster Posey retired, and their attempts to sign Bryce Harper and trade for Giancarlo Stanton over the past few years failed; and the Padres because they can put together a holy triumvirate of superstars in Fernando Tatis Jr., Manny Machado and Soto. 

The Seattle Mariners are on this list, because GM Jerry DiPoto won't flinch at the price. He likes making bold moves, and his team desperately wants to end the longest playoff drought in baseball.

The St. Louis Cardinals make the Top 7, simply due to the rich haul of young players and prospects they can send Washington's way

And then of course, the two New York teams, the Yankees and Mets. Because, they're... well... the Yankees and Mets and they play in New York.