MLB Insider: Here's Why Phillies Are Responding To Rob Thomson

The Philadelphia Phillies have been on a 6-0 tear since firing manager Joe Girardi one week ago. They've vaulted themselves back into the Wild Card race in the National League. 

Sometimes, bringing in a "new voice" can launch a struggling team off on a good run. But why, in this case, has the installation of coach Rob Thomson over Girardi got the Phillies streaking?

According to MLB Insider Joel Sherman, on The Show podcast, it all has to do with a "connection" with the players. Put more harshly, as Sherman said:

"To know Rob Thomson is to like Rob Thomson. To know Joe Girardi is to know Joe Girardi." Yikes. Sherman adds, on a personal note, that Thomson is someone he likes, "as opposed to someone who slammed a door in my face." 

But more specifically, it's the way that Thomson relates to his players that is felt to be the reason they've responded the way they have.

"I think that Rob Thomson makes a great connection with players," said Sherman. "And I think oftentimes we see... one type of manager is always followed by a different personality. I think that players feel bonded to Rob Thomson. And I'm curious if he has some kind of impact in a tough town at a tough time of letting people get into a situation."

Right now, it's a "winning situation" in Philly.

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports