MLB Rumors: Insider's 5 Teams Who Could Go After Aaron Judge

It's become clear that Aaron Judge's decision not to accept the last extension offer made to him by the New York Yankees was a very shrewd gamble on his part. He's proven, thus far this season, to be not only the most valuable Yankee, but perhaps the most valuable player. Period.

Judge leads the majors in home runs (22), OPS (1.055), total bases (141), and is right near the top in RBIs (45) and batting average (.310). What will his price be on the open market now?

MLB Insider Jon Heyman has posited five teams that could make a big push for Judge in the offseason—if they're so inclined—should the Yankees not give him what he wants:

1. San Francisco Giants

Heyman says this is the team that is "the most logical threat." It's Judge's hometown team as a kid (he was born in Linden, CA, just outside of the Bay Area). The downside for the Giants, however, is their ballpark dimensions—not the most hitter-friendly. However, Judge might get 350 Million reasons to disregard that fact.

2. Los Angeles Dodgers

But of course, who else? They have the cash, no doubt. They would need to bump either Cody Bellinger or Chris Taylor out of the outfield, something they could surely be able to handle.

3. Chicago Cubs

They are definitely expected to spend big this offseason, and they have the means. Heyman says they might be looking to prioritize starting pitching and shortstop, but it says here that the chance to land Judge would be something they couldn't pass up.

4. New York Mets

The problem here is that the Mets have their own free agent issues to deal with, what with Jacob deGrom likely going on the market. Also, Heyman says an "intracity war" is not something the Mets are anxious to start.

5. Boston Red Sox

Oh, how the Red Sox would love to steal Judge from the Bronx. But evidence from their own contract dealings with their own potential free agents seems to suggest they "seemed reluctant to go into the $30 million a year neighborhood" as Heyman notes.

Photo Credit: Nick Wosika-USA TODAY Sports