Watch: Phillies Slugger Melts Down After Questionable Strikeout Call

League-wide frustration over umpires miscalling balls and strikes found an outlet during last night's game between Philadelphia and Milwaukee as Phillies outfielder Kyle Schwarber vented his fury to umpire Angel Hernandez.  

As can be seen, it was a pivotal strike-three call on a full count. The Phillies were down by just one run, and a walk for Schwarber would've put the tying run on base for Alec Bohm. Angel Hernandez is notorious around the league for his controversial pitch calling, but this one was a close call. Brewers closer Josh Hader is one of the best in the game at painting the outside corner. His sweeping left-handed delivery is a nightmare for left-handed batters (like Schwarber). And by the looks of it, this pitch may have caught the plate. 

If anything, Phillies shortstop Jean Segura should've been the one losing his temper. Check out the second half of the video above. This called-strike in the fifth inning was way inside, but Segura simply exchanged a few words with Hernandez and carried on with his count. 

And Hernandez called a few outside strikes in favor of the Phillies, too. This strike-three call in the third inning against Brewers outfielder Andrew McCutchen was clearly outside. It didn't even break across the plate. 

It's safe to say Schwarber's frustration with Angel Hernandez was shared by many last night. 

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports