Anger For Umpire Angel Hernandez Boils Over Everywhere

After yet another embarrassing performance by the most vilified umpire in baseball memory, the anger around the sport for Angel Hernandez spilled over into the streets. 

"Angel Hernandez, you stink!!" screamed a Philly fan as the umpire drove out of the stadium last night. "And I don't like you!!" 

Even the ESPN Sunday Night Baseball crew was laughing at Hernandez's calls during this game.

Hernandez's dreadful night behind home plate stirred up national attention mainly after the histrionics of Kyle Schwarber's tirade, but also because...well, he's known for this. And social media hopped on the bandwagon in full force. 

The numbers don't lie, with the Umpire's Scorecard revealing just how bad Hernandez was. The average called strike accuracy by MLB umpires is 94%. The 60-year-old Hernandez was only 88%, while his called strike accuracy was a mere 77%.  

We'll leave the final word to respected MLB Insider Jon Heyman: 

Heyman's "sources" tell him that "Angel Hernandez misses the E on eye charts." Funny, but you have to wonder if it's actually not a joke.