VIDEO: Watch The Incredible Moment As Albert Pujols Reunites With Cardinals

With the St. Louis Cardinals' legend back with the Redbirds to finish his career, all eyes were on their spring training game today, as Pujols made his grand entrance to a standing ovation from Cardinals fans, and hugs all around in the dugout.

"Great moment here at the ballpark", "Something special, isn't it?" remarked the broadcast crew.   

Pujols was announced by the stadium PA, and strolled in from the entrance behind the right-field stands, walking the length of the warning track down the right-field line to a standing ovation from fans and Cardinals' players alike, Pujols waving and acknowledging them all. He entered the dugout to high-fives and hugs. 

Meanwhile, ironically, on the mound and behind the plate, his former teammates from his first go-round with the Cards, the battery of Adam Wainwright and Yadier Molina, warmed up. 

Pujols spent 11 years in a Cardinals uniform, compiling the vast majority of his legendary stats that will take him into the Hall of Fame, which included a .328 average over that time in St. Louis, with an incredible 1.037 OPS.  He signed with the Los Angeles Angels as a free agent in 2012 and spent 10 years there, before finishing last season with the Los Angeles Dodgers. 

But now, in his 22nd season, the 42-year-old is back where he belongs.