MLB Cancels More Regular Season Games As Talks Continue

While many experts across baseball from the MLBPA and the Owners were going to find a deal on Wednesday, it turns out that's not the case at all. Talks continue and while spring training is supposed to be ongoing at the moment and some games have already been cancelled once, you can add some more cancellations to the list.

Talks fell apart on Wednesday and the league has cancelled two more regular-season series. This is the second time this has happened as MLB commissioner Rob Manfred had already cancelled the first two regular-season series from the schedule last week. Now it sounds like opening day won't happen until at least April 14 at the earliest.

The MLBPA is pissed and called the cancellations uncalled for and unnecessary. The bargaining continues and while good faith has been questioned this entire time, it does sound like things are getting ugly at the negotiation table. 

The international draft continues to be a hot topic and on Wednesday the likes of Fernando Tatis Jr and David Ortiz both mentioned setting up an international draft would be damaging to the spot. We'll see how talks go on Thursday but there's a growing sense that if something doesn't get done this week, the entire MLB season is in jeopardy.

Photo credit: © Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports