Max Scherzer Lets Mets Know Who HE Wants For His New Manager

After giving Max Scherzer the keys to Queens (in the form of $130M over three years), is there any doubt that he'll have a say in who the New York Mets' next manager will be?

Scherzer has made it be known—in no uncertain terms—that he wants managerial veteran Buck Showalter as his new field boss. And apparently, so does Mets' owner Steve Cohen, as well.

The Mets have been rumored to be down to two final candidates for the job. But if Scherzer and Cohen are in favor of Showalter, is there really much doubt who'll win this horse race?

As wonderful a job as Eppler's done in re-tooling the team in the free agent market, would he have the nerve to go against the wishes of both his owner, and the new kingpin of his clubhouse, the newly-signed 3-time Cy Young Award winner? 

Buck Showalter does have his detractors. At 65, he's certainly been around the block, and has some questionable managerial decisions in his past, but he has usually made the teams he joins much better. Until they're not.

And hey, the last time he managed in New York (the Yankees, 1992-95), he set the team up so that they were ripe to win the World Series—the year after he left. 

He then did the same thing with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Setting them up for a World Series in 2001—the year after he left. 

Mets fans would be thrilled if he did the same thing in Queens. As long as he doesn't hang around too long. 

Photo Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports