Astros Alex Bregman Ready to Play Different Position

Houston Astros third baseman Alex Bregman is not one who is shy on confidence. Bregman is an elite talent who is ready to train this winter as if he's going back to his natural position as a short stop. With Carlos Correa still yet to re-sign in Houston, perhaps a position change could be in the works.

Bregman spoke to the media about his training routine for this offseason and what may or may not be included in his work outs. From the sounds of it, he would love to get another crack at playing up the middle:

My most athletic days were in 2018 and 2019. I was basically a shortstop playing third base. Last year, I was a third baseman. … I wanna be able to move like a shortstop again, cut angles better. We are having an extreme emphasis on that in the gym this offseason.

The crazy part is he's not wrong, as Bregman is one of the best talents in all of the game. He's a two time All-Star who would certainly welcome back his old teammate but he's also there for the franchise if they need him to move over a slot.

Bregman has been in the MVP conversation before and could certainly get back to that level of production in 2022. So far in his career he's played 129 games at short stop, including 59 starts back in 2019. It's a position he's also played in college and in the minors. 

Alex Bregman, MVP Shortstop? He seems to think so.

Here's Bregman's Latest VLOG:

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