3 Teams Favorites to Sign 3B Kris Bryant

Kris Bryant sits during the MLB lockout without a contract for next season. The San Francisco Giants third baseman and long-time Chicago Cub great isn't concerned as there is a ton of interest in his services. Look for Bryant to sign a mega-deal shortly after the lockout ends with one of these three teams.

Philadelphia Phillies

The Phillies are looking to add to their lineup as MVP Bryce Harper is not enough. They have some massive holes in their lineup and Bryant could certainly help at either corner of the infield. He also has experience in left and right field and would give the Phillies some roster flexibility which they could certainly benefit from. Citizens Bank Park in Philly is a hitter friendly park and Bryant could easily get back to hitting home runs on a regular basis with the Phillies. 

Toronto Blue Jays

The Blue Jays have held contract discussions with Bryant and would love to add him to their already potent lineup. The team lost Marcus Semien and could use Bryant at third base, allowing Cavan Biggio to become the everyday second baseman. There's no doubt the long-time Cubbies great is on Toronto's roster but don't expect a long-term contract. Belief is the Blue Jays prefer to spend a little bit more annually but only at a three-year term at the most. His versatility is something general manager Ross Atkins absolutely drools over, the two could work something out in early 2022.

San Francisco Giants

The Giants are still in the picture for Bryant but won't go long-term over $100 million total. They have no interest in signing anyone to massive contracts this offseason and if he's willing to drop his price tag a bit, expect to see Bryant back with the Giants.

One thing to watch out for with Bryant is the fact Anthony Rizzo has not signed anywhere. Some close to the two feel they are interested in playing together again. Adding both bats to any of the lineups mentioned would be some must-see tv. Now can someone please end the lockout?

Photo credit:  Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports