Video: Fan Charges Field at Fenway, Astros Pitcher Leaps Out Of Harm's Way!


After more than a year of being bottled up, sports fans are really letting it fly now that they're allowed back into games. Last month, the NBA playoffs suffered from a rash of fans doing dumb things like throwing things and spitting at players.

Now that ballparks are getting closer to capacity, baseball fans are taking to the field of play, like one joyriding fan at Fenway last night, who got very dangerously close to players, enough so that Houston Astros pitcher Enoli Paredes had to leap out of harm's way!

There was no mention of it on the broadcast, of course, as baseball's policy is not to encourage other crazies to attempt something like this. 

After sprinting from right field towards home plate, he was briskly tackled by a slew of Fenway security. 

It all happened during a wild 6th inning in which the Boston Red Sox batted around and scored 5 runs, while the Astros dropped two easily-catchable fly balls. No word if they'd been rattled by the frolicking Fenway fan.