Aroldis Chapman's Spin Rate Down Significantly in Stunning Blowout 9th Inning Loss


The plot thickens in baseball's foreign substance controversy, and chalk up another  New York Yankees' pitcher right in the heat of it. 

Closer Aroldis Chapman, who'd been nearly untouchable before the "sticky stuff" scandal broke,  was absolutely rocked by the Minnesota Twins last night, and his spin rate and velocity were both down significantly.

Yankees' starter Gerrit Cole had been singled out earlier this week by Twins' third baseman Josh Donaldson as one of the pitchers who'd been using illegal substances to increase tackiness on the ball, and thereby vastly increasing spin rates. 

And lo and behold, guess who delivered one of the big 2-run blasts off Chapman in the 9th inning last night? Yes, "The Bringer of Rain" himself. 

Afterwards, through an interpreter, Chapman's spin was to blame it all on his fastball, not spin rate:

If you have to point out something different, my velocity wasn’t there as it has been before. And the hitters were ready to jump on the fastball tonight.

This was, though, a record-setting performance for the Yankee reliever, in the kind of way that you DON'T want to be setting records:

Certainly something to monitor, as the 'spin rate scandal' just keeps getting more and more interesting. 

Photo Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports