Former All-Star Pitcher Has Message for Current Day Hurlers: Stop Complaining!


Roy Oswalt was a 3-time All-Star who pitched for 13 years in the big leagues, with a sparkling career ERA of 3.36. And he has a message for today's pitchers who insist they need the sticky stuff to grip the baseball: "If you can't grab the ball, that's your personal problem."

"The way I was brought up, you play the game by the rules. You don't change the rules for your advantage," Oswalt told MLB Network Radio. "I never altered the game by cheating to make the ball move more."

Oswalt always exuded confidence on the mound, as evidenced by his .615 career winning percentage with 163 victories, and three straight all-star appearances for the Houston Astros from 2005-07. "I thought I had enough talent and stuff to outdo the guy at the plate no matter what."

His overall message to the pitchers of today: Stop your whining. "These guys are complaining because they're not getting to cheat!"

Pretty safe to say that this certainly won't be the last of former players weighing in on the current foreign substance scandal in MLB. 

Photo Credit: @MLBNetworkRadio