False Accusations & Tooth Fairies: Zac Gallen & Agent Blast MLB

Michael Hill is MLB Vice-President; he used to be the Miami Marlins GM. Zac Gallen used to be a pitcher for the Miami Marlins. Gallen is accusing Hill, who is leading MLB's crackdown on foreign substances, of being a big proponent of Marlins' pitchers using the "sticky stuff" to get better grip. 

Hill didn't take kindly to the accusations, offering his response:

Hill basically labeled Gallen a liar, charging him with guilt by association with agent Scott Boras, who came out yesterday and blasted MLB over the issue. 

Naturally, Boras didn't take Hill's accusations lightly, and had his own reply:

Boras came to his client (Gallen)'s defense, referring to Hill's comments, in which he appeared to try to distance himself from any such actions while with the Marlins, as make-believe: "Next we'll be asked to believe the Tooth Fairy was the farm director."

This whole sticky mess gets more interesting by the minute. Stay tuned. 

Photo Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports