Scott Boras Lashes Out at MLB Over Foreign Substance Crackdown


Never one to hold his tongue when it comes to the rights of his clients, MLB player agent Scott Boras has blasted baseball once again for its impending crackdown on pitchers using foreign substances for grip. 

Clubs for years have taught pitchers to use a variety of gripping agents. This was the custom and practice of all MLB teams and the commissioner's office was fully aware their technical rule was ignored by them and all MLB teams.

To suggest pine tar can be used on bats by the very same players on defense in truly an umpire's conundrum. The pitcher hits using pine tar and is suspended for applying the substance to the baseball.... The grey divide continues!!!!

The "grey divide" comment refers to his earlier tirade in which he called out the media and defended Gerrit Cole.  

Tempers are flaring all over the sport. Watch Tyler Glasnow rip MLB for causing his elbow injury with the sticky stuff crackdown. 

"I 100% believe that contributed to me getting hurt." Yikes.

Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports