MLB Trade Rumors: Top 3 Landing Spots For White Sox Star Pitcher

Garrett Crochet is rapidly becoming one of the most coveted pitchers in the MLB trade market. 

His seamless transition from reliever to starter has been marked by a stellar 3.33 ERA and an American League-leading 103 strikeouts over 75.2 innings, significantly boosting his trade value. 

Despite recently returning from Tommy John surgery, Crochet has maintained an impressive 96.8 mph fastball. His affordable $800,000 salary and club control through 2026 make him an even more attractive option for teams looking to bolster their pitching roster, presenting not just a top-tier starter but also a long-term investment.

Among the potential suitors laid out by Zachary Rymer of Bleacher Report, the San Diego Padres are at the forefront. 

Their ongoing need for reliable starting pitching, compounded by injuries to key pitchers like Yu Darvish and Joe Musgrove, makes Crochet a prime target. 

The Padres have expressed significant interest and have a history of making impactful trades to remain competitive. 

A proposed trade package involving promising prospects like LHP Robby Snelling and RHP Dylan Lesko could provide the White Sox with valuable future assets, making Crochet a critical addition to San Diego's playoff push, as noted by Rymer.

The Milwaukee Brewers and Baltimore Orioles also emerge as strong contenders for acquiring Crochet. The Brewers, whose rotation has faced challenges with low strikeout rates and limited innings, could benefit from Crochet's ability to provide both quality starts and strikeouts. 

Meanwhile, the Orioles, looking to fortify an already strong rotation and sustain their competitive edge in the AL East, might view Crochet as a strategic acquisition, especially with key pitchers like Corbin Burnes heading towards free agency.

Both teams have the prospect capital to entice the White Sox, making them viable trade partners as the deadline approaches.

Photo Credit: Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports