MLB Players Vote: Top 3 Most Overrated Players

Baseball fans are always debating who the most overrated players in the sport are. But who do active major leaguers themselves think among their peers is the most overrated? 

The Athletic went about polling major league players, and asked that very question. The results are pretty revealing, and honest. Here's a look at the Top 3 Most Overrated Players in MLB, as voted by the players themselves:

1. Jazz Chisholm Jr.

The Miami Marlins outfielder (former infielder) was far and away the leader in the balloting, garnering 20% of the vote, about double the next man on the list. The 26-year-old has displayed enticing power and speed in his four seasons in the majors, but he normally spends far more time on the injured list than on the field, and this year, although he hasn't missed any time, he's slogging along with a .249 average along with nine home runs and 12 stolen bases. Decent enough, but nowhere close to the dynamic explosiveness he's always been touted as having. 

2. Anthony Rendon

If there was a "most reviled player" award, Rendon would have no rivals, at least when it comes to fans. But it's interesting to see him place 2nd here, with 10% of the vote, and it's no surprise. If you thought Chisholm had a tough time staying on the field, Rendon would say 'hold my beer' to that. 

The one-time MVP finalist has been an outright disaster since signing his outrageous seven-year, $245 million contract with the Los Angeles Angels in 2019. His games played the last three years: 43, 47, 58. This season: 19 games. And when he does play, he's nowhere in the same universe as that MVP candidate from 2019. 

3. Carlos Correa

The Minnesota Twins were the ones left holding the bag on a nine-figure contract for Correa after the San Francisco Giants and New York Mets both tried to throw that kind of money at him but were scared off by medical reports in 2023. His $33 million annual paycheck seems pretty bloated for a guy who has hit .261 in his three years in Minny, with a total of just 45 home runs in that time. Last year he hit .230 with an OPS below league average at 96. He got 6.5% of the vote to finish as the third most overrated player as chosen by MLB players. 

Photo: © Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports