Baseball World Melts Down As Buster Olney's Twitter Hacked, Fake Trades Announced

The baseball world was in a tizzy on Monday afternoon, as ESPN's baseball insider Buster Olney, who has 1.3 million followers, was hacked, and a number of big trades and other wacky and bizarre comments were tweeted out from his Twitter/X account.

First, Philadelphia Phillies fans got taken, when told they were acquiring Luis Robert Jr. from the Chicago White Sox; minutes later the New York Mets were the subject of an insane rumor — and this one was the tipoff that a hack was in progress, if none of the other insanity was —proclaiming that they've traded Francisco Lindor to the Oakland A's. It should be noted that Lindor's contract is probably worth more than the A's as an entire franchise. 

Here's some of the other nonsense that the hacker has been sending out Monday afternoon from Olney's twitter account:

Some fans, who weren't alerted from the earlier obvious hacked posts, began falling for the Phillies' rumor, as their landing of Robert Jr. couldn't necessarily be ruled out. The White Sox are poised to trade their star outfielder this summer, and the Phillies are always ready to acquire a big star who becomes available.

But the Lindor rumor was the dead giveaway, as his $341 million contract going to the penny-pinching, constantly rebuilding A's was probably more ridiculous than the earlier tweets that saw "Olney" hating on the Mets, asking for panties in prison, and even wondering who this "Buster" person was. 

The latest fake "news" tweet had Shohei Ohtani banned for life and going to prison:

Obviously, none of those announcements are true, though we wouldn't be surprised if the Phillies/Robert Jr. one could happen down the line. 

Photo: © Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports