MLB Rumors: Proposed Trade Sends Sends Pete Alonso To The Cubs

In the midst of baseball's offseason chatter, a tantalizing proposal emerges, hinting at a potential shake-up as New York Mets' powerhouse Pete Alonso is linked with a move to the Chicago Cubs.

Despite the Mets' aspirations to retain Alonso long-term, the looming specter of his impending free agency casts a shadow over their plans.

In a speculative trade scenario crafted by Joey Mistretta of ClutchPoints, the Cubs present an enticing offer, dangling prospects Cade Horton, Michael Busch, and Jordan Wicks in exchange for Alonso's services.

For the Mets, the allure of securing a package of promising prospects to fortify their future roster is undeniable.

Horton, the 26th-ranked MLB prospect, had a great season in the minors last year, posting a 2.65 ERA, 1.00 WHIP, with 117 strikeouts across 88.1 innings and 21 starts.

Finally, Wicks, the 10th-ranked LHP MLB prospect, made his MLB debut last season, recording a 4.41 ERA, 1.27 WHIP, and 24 strikeouts over 34.2 innings and seven starts. His minor league career stats include a 3.73 ERA over 48 total starts.

Busch, the 51st-ranked MLB prospect also had a fantastic 2023 season at the Triple-A level, slashing .323/.431/.618, with 27 home runs and 90 RBIs over 98 games played.

As they weigh their options amidst Alonso's uncertain contract status, the prospect of replenishing their talent pool while navigating a potential budget would present an intriguing opportunity. Meanwhile, the Cubs, seeking to bolster their offensive arsenal, view Alonso as a transformative addition capable of providing the power and consistency their lineup craves.

However, skepticism looms over the proposed trade, with critics questioning the feasibility of such a deal given Alonso's status as a rental player with just one guaranteed year remaining on his contract.

While the trade proposal underscores the strategic calculations both teams face in balancing immediate competitiveness with long-term sustainability, its realization hinges on the Mets' willingness to part ways with their star slugger and the Cubs' readiness to part with prized prospects for a short-term gain. Photo Credit:  Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports