Chicago Cubs Get Concerning News On Top Pitcher Justin Steele

The Chicago Cubs' hopes for a strong start to the MLB season were dampened as their top pitcher, Justin Steele, faced yet another injury setback.

During the Opening Day matchup against the Texas Rangers, Steele, who had been cleared to play despite recent injury concerns, stumbled early in the game, signaling trouble for the team.

Just days prior, Steele had grappled with a tough injury during a game against the San Francisco Giants.

Despite displaying resilience and attempting to continue playing, Steele's efforts were cut short, leaving both fans and the Cubs organization anxious about his condition.

Manager Craig Counsell's somber assessment further underscored the seriousness of Steele's injury, suggesting a left hamstring strain that could potentially land the ace pitcher on the dreaded injured list.

The Cubs now face a daunting challenge as they navigate Steele's likely absence from the rotation, with pitching depth coming under immediate scrutiny.

With an MRI scheduled to provide clarity on the extent of Steele's injury, the team must swiftly devise a plan to cope with his potential prolonged absence and ensure they maintain competitiveness in the upcoming games.

As the Cubs await further evaluation, the focus shifts to the team's contingency plans and the looming decision on who will step up to fill Steele's pivotal role on the mound.

Whether seasoned options like Drew Smyly or Hayden Wesneski, or the promising but less experienced Ben Brown, the Cubs must strategize to mitigate the impact of Steele's injury early on. Photo Credit: Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports