The Toronto Blue Jays Should Fire Both Mark Shapiro and Ross Atkins

It is time for big changes in Toronto and it starts at the top for the Blue Jays. It's time the team moved on from both Mark Shapiro and Ross Atkins.

It all came to an end during Game 2 of the wildcard series against the Minnesota Twins. A game where the Jays management had a 'plan in place' that basically took all managerial rights away from John Schneider. Instead of managing by the feel of the game or with how well starter Jose Berrios was pitching in his old stompin' grounds, instead, the Jays had a plan in place that they would put a lefty in against the Twins lefties, no matter how well Berrios was throwing the second time through the lineup. 

The Jays offense has to take a lot of the blame as well as they weren't able to mustard any offense against the well-pitched Twins. Still, how can the Jays fans even blame the manager for the bone-head moves, when he's not even given the opportunity to manage the games. It's all top down in Toronto and the firing should start at the very top and work it's way down.

Yes, Vladimir Guerrero Jr getting picked off at second base was horrible and cannot happen, especially in that moment, but the trump card in all of this is the fact the Jays management team isn't even allowing their manager to manage the game. They were doing it from the suite and it was all predetermined.

Fire both of them, and do it quickly so we all can move on from Team Shatkins this winter. No playoff wins and nothing to show for anything. What a waste of time.

Photo credit: Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports