Shocking New Turn Of Events In Trevor Bauer Case

After Trevor Bauer and the woman who accused him of sexual assault and strangulation agreed this week to drop their civil suits against each other, with no money changing hands, Bauer hit social media in a video to reveal texts of the woman allegedly admitting that she purposely set Bauer up as her "next victim" to try to take his money.

"I'm going to his house on Wednesday. I already have my hooks in. You know how I roll" are texts he showed on screen and read in his video post. He then showed a selfie video that the accuser allegedly took of herself “lying in bed next to me while I’m sleeping, smirking at the camera without a care in the world — or any mark on her face on the morning after the second alleged incident,” said Bauer. 

There's no telling where all of this will leave the former Cy Young winner in his two-year battle to win retribution and a return to the major leagues. 

He last pitched for the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2021, after signing a 3-year, $102M contract, but then pitching just 17 games before the accusations arose and he was placed on the restricted list indefinitely. 

He was subsequently suspended a major league record 324 games, which was  reduced to 194 games by an independent arbitrator. After the ban ended, the Dodgers released him, and he's since signed to pitch in Japan. He posted a 2.59 ERA with Yokohama this season (the same mark, coincidentally, that he last registered in 2021 with the Dodgers). 

While a major league executive noted earlier this year that it would take "a team on another planet" to sign him, it'll be interesting to see if these new revelations from Bauer that he was allegedly framed lead to a new MLB contract in the future. 

Photo: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports