Fan Favorite Brett Phillips Is Back In The Big Leagues

He was sent down to the minors after just 19 games and 16 plate appearances this season, but now that the Los Angeles Angels have ravaged their roster by waiving a multitude of veterans, fan favorite Brett Phillips is finally back in the big leagues, selected by the Angels to re-join the roster. 

And with that, this Angels fan celebrated both the return of The Maverick, a fan fave, and the continued absence of Anthony Rendon—absolutely no one's fave.

Yes, despite garnering just one hit in 13 at-bats this season for LA, Phillips' 0.2 WAR is still better than Rendon's 0.1. The miserable third baseman is still owed $114M for three more years after this one, on his disastrous 7-year, $245M contract the Angels mistakenly signed him to. 

Phillips, on the other hand, brings a smile to all baseball fans' faces. He batted .230 with a .719 OPS down on the farm, no doubt making lots of friends in Salt Lake. He left an indelible mark with this big blast just five days ago.

Welcome back to the bigs, Brett Phillips.  

Photo: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports