Arizona Diamondbacks Tried To Acquire Two Big Names This Season

The Arizona Diamondbacks had their sights set on bolstering their roster during the trade deadline, with a notable interest in acquiring starting pitchers like Lucas Giolito and Harrison Bader.

However, the high asking prices for these players gave the Diamondbacks pause, as they were hesitant to trade away prospects for short-term gains.

Despite this, an opportunity emerged when Lucas Giolito became available on waivers. Seeing a chance to strengthen their pitching staff without parting with prospects, the Diamondbacks promptly placed a waiver claim on Giolito.

Unfortunately, their lower waiver priority allowed the Cleveland Guardians to successfully claim Giolito.

A similar story unfolded with outfielder Harrison Bader.

The Diamondbacks displayed a strong desire to acquire Bader, recognizing his defensive prowess and skill against left-handed pitchers.

However, Bader ultimately went to the Cincinnati Reds, a young team looking for veteran presence. As Bader's offensive struggles and injury history emerged, the possibility arose that teams like the San Francisco Giants or the Diamondbacks might pursue him in the upcoming offseason, potentially offering a one-year contract to allow him to prove his worth.

Looking ahead, the Diamondbacks find themselves positioned to revisit their pursuits in the offseason.

Both Giolito and Bader, despite their respective outcomes, remain intriguing prospects due to unique circumstances.

The Diamondbacks could seek to strengthen their pitching rotation and outfield through these potential acquisitions, with an eye on building a competitive roster for the seasons to come. Photo Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports