VIDEO: Was Aaron Judge Getting Signal From Dugout Right Before Hitting HR?

So what WAS that Aaron Judge side-glance? What was he sneaking a look at seconds before he hit a mammoth home run last night? The Toronto Blue Jays broadcast team thinks there was something mighty suspicious going on...

“You don’t wanna go throwing allegations around without knowing but…” said Dan Shulman. "What is he looking at? Where's he looking?" added Buck Martinez. The implication is either that he was trying to see where the catcher is setting up, or perhaps... looking into the dugout for a sign of what pitch might be coming?

Seconds after the shifty eye glance, Judge clobbered a 462-foot home run off Jays reliever Jay Jackson.

Toronto manager John Schneider was asked about it after the game. “I’m not the calibre hitter that Aaron Judge is and never was,” he said. “But he’s obviously looking somewhere besides the pitcher for a reason at that point in time in his at-bat so you’ll have to ask him.”

So they did:

When Judge was asked after the game why he snuck a look over at his dugout just as a pitch was about to be delivered, he hesitated for quite a bit, before saying “A lot of chirping from our dugout which I really didn’t like in the situation where it’s a 6-0 game... I was kinda looking, like, 'who's still talking here?'"

The Yankees and Blue Jays have quite the rivalry going these days, what with Vladimir Guerrero saying he would never play for the Yankees, and Alek Manoah having called them cheaters in the past. This new Judgian side-eye glance only adds to the drama.